Guarantee_Quality_stamp_transpTankmin is a cloud based service that increase traceability and makes administration easy in the sector for tank cleaning. The system is easily integrated into other needed and related systems, e.g. financial, invoicing or salary systems. It supports all the required laws and rules of the business of cleaning tanks transporting more or less hazardous contents.

Tank cleaning is a highly complex work process and there are many tasks and actions that influence the profitability of the work performed. It is utterly important to use a system that both support the actual work process but also is quick in connecting to external systems, so that an invoice may be generated as soon as possible. This directly influence the well-being of the company.

All of the company is depending on a functionality rich, easy to use, stable an secure application that adapts to your way of working, not the other way around. And if you in the future find a new way to work, you shouldn’t be limited by a software clog that can’t be adapted to new realities.

The service is developed, maintained and delivered by Katakumo. Katakumo is a company consisting a few highly professional and experienced individuals having worked with software, service development and Internet applications for decades and have experience from several different business sectors. Katakumo is all about making admin work easy and fun. Resilience, ease of use and high standards are what Katakumo stands for. Add to that the effort of allowing for innovation of good or bad ideas and you have the workplace where you really want to work.